Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Ok so maybe my vision isn't exactly perfect yet, but it is getting pretty good! Since I am a big girl now, at a month old, I have decided it is time to step up my game a little. The day before yesterday I decided I would stare intently at the dragon fly that hangs from my bouncy chair. I love that chair!  I have also discovered that it is fun to watch daddy repeatedly walk back and forth in front of me like a crab! =) He is such a funny guy, always acting so silly!

I have also found that contrary to my previous beliefs, having a diaper change can be quite the pleasant experience. I have therefore ceased all diva tantrums in regards to this area. I now quite enjoy having my diaper changed and being a naked girl! lol! I think its so fun, I have a smile for mommy now when she changes my onesie! Good times.

Getting my feedings right is still a challenge however, most formulas do not agree with my sensitive little tummy and Mommy and Daddy are trying every combination to find one that I can keep down. I hope they find a good one soon!

Well, since I have been awake all day, I guess it's time to go take a nap. Mommy deserves a break.
Love, Zo-Zo.

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