Monday, May 9, 2011

A day in the Life of a Super Model Baby

So, of course my mommy says I'm the most beautiful baby ever. I guess it must be true because everyone wants to take my picture all of the time. I have also been booked for a few photo shoots already. I guess when you have what it takes the work just comes to you.
Last night we had some pretty sweet props for the shoot, the fluffy white rug was my favorite. There was also this really cute green and white striped hat... but I hate hats so I decided that I was just not going to have that, and in true drama queen fashion I told those people with the cameras exactly what I thought about it. Let me tell you the hat came off pretty quickly.

Although it may seem like a glamourous life, all these photo shoots and diva tantrums. The truth is my life is pretty simple most days. I like to have a few bottles, and I get a lot of beauty sleep. Mommy is happy that I am sleeping more at night and less during the day now. When I am awake during the day, we do all sorts of fun things, like sing and dance around the living room. My favorite song is Little Bird. My mommy likes to sing that song to me because it makes me smile. I also like to hang out in my bouncy seat while mommy eats lunch, watches a little t.v. or reads me a story. Yesterday we read "Peek a Who". That's a funny one.

Well, as you can see my days are pretty busy, so I guess I better be going. Hugs and Kisses. Zo-Zo 

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