Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Beginning

My name is Zoey. You can call me Zo-Zo if you are so inclined, but just plain Zoey is fine too. I was born on April 26th at 6:18 in the evening, I weighed 9 pounds and 2 ounces. My mom says I am pretty much the prettiest baby she has ever seen, although I think she may be a bit biased. I am Tiwanese and American with lots of wavy black hair and brown eyes that look like liquid titanium in the sunlight.

The first few days after I came into this world were a little rough. I didn't really like the food Mommy was trying to give me, and strange people kept poking me and changing my diaper all the time. I'm not sure why they like to change me so much but it makes me angry! Anyways, Mommy decided that if I didn't eat I was going to waste away to nothing so I started getting bottles, which I like much better. I am a really happy baby now, especially when Mommy reads Dr. Seus to me and sings lullabys. Things I really like are my bouncy chair, sleeping, pooping and being held by Mommy. I also think Daddy is a pretty funny guy. We like to play "hide the baby" and thats pretty fun. Tomorrow I will tell you all about my days at home. Until then. Love, Zoey

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