Monday, September 5, 2011

Hi guys! I'm back! Sorry it has been so long. Mommy really has me busy with all kinds of neat things these days. Of course I still have my super model gig. But most days around here are pretty normal. Really there is not much to tell but between rolling over, eating my toes, teething and learning to make new noises my days are pretty full. Since this was a holiday weekend I had some special visitors which was really fun. I got to see my grandparents! They love to cary me around and make funny faces and noises. I like them a lot.

 I also recently got to try two new things, one was called and orange. At first I wasn't sure about this orange thing, then I licked it a few more times and decided, HEY, that's pretty tasty! I also got to try Chinese broccoli which I really liked a lot as well. Mommy says that after I go to the pediatrician next time I may be able to try more foods! Yay!!! She says I am growing up so fast that she can hardly believe it!

Well everyone, I'm off to take another nap! Life is good! TTFN!

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